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...Here you can find my philosophy that is behind each design along with concepts and AVLQS' history.


one glass of holy spirit

A little bit of backstory

I’m heavily connected with and passionate for design for almost 30 years. At first, I was a graphic designer for a couple of years, then I joined the digital wave along with the rest of the world. I opened my own agency, which still exists nowadays. I worked with a lot of big brands and international companies, some of my designs can be still found in some stores and shops, even after more than 10 years. I was involved in preparation of the Olympic Games in 2014 and I also carried the Olympic fire myself. I can’t count how many websites and interfaces for mobile apps I have created. However, this is my past.

I always wanted to do something with my own hands, I was interested in various directions, clothes and accessories especially. I started creating thematic party costumes for myself, and also gifting handmade clothes with unique prints to my friends.

Since I was working in marketing I knew all possible ways to print and paint images on different objects and, naturally, clothes. But I did it for the first time only in Barcelona.


A word once spoken is past recalling

History of creating the brand

In December 2021 I went for screen printing (serigraphy) classes and made my first printed clothes, learning the technology along the way. Then I mixed this technology with handmade painted textiles to create my own technique, so eventually me and my friends got t-shirts and belts with my acrylic painted design. Right now I’m using DTF technology to make process easier and a little bit more scalable. 

I thought a lot about the brand name. There were many options. Usually, when I came up with names for others, I wrote down everything that came to my mind, then analyzed and deleted what I did not need. But this time I had an idea from the very beginning that I was in love with.

“A ver lo que surja” is a very popular phrase in Spain. “We'll see what'll happen” - Spanish people use it all the time. Folks in Spain don’t like to give promises, because local feature is to forget, change or cancel plans, so the best way for them to answer is without specifying. “Tranquilo. Mañana.” - “Keep calm. Tomorrow.”

Uncertainty is what we live with. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow or in one week, month, year. Yes, we can plan, follow our goal, expect the result, but … The truth is we don’t know for sure what will happen, until that very moment.

And I loved this idea. Life is so diverse and multifaceted, you can’t predict it. A little bit of luck and a set of conditions - that’s all we have in our arsenal. 

On 19th of November 2022 my friend and I were drinking Verdejo at my house and were talking about creativity. I shared my idea with her, and why I love it so much, but I still wasn't sure about it. Her reaction played the main role and convinced me that I need it.

A ver lo que surja! - We'll see what'll happen!


The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. ‒ Oscar Wilde

Design philosophy

My design is contrast and laconic, it’s simple geometry, minimalistic shapes, symbolism, typography… but if you brake the rules, borders, style - everything will become different. 

Yes, it has a straight meaning, but so many more covered under it if you look at it closely. Today you can see one mood and meaning, tomorrow a completely different one. 

No one wants to be boring or predictable. We are all interested in meaningful conversations, and the question "What does it mean?" - is the best way to start a dialogue.

Barcelona Vibes Symbols Codes Icons Ideas

“Intellectual design with Barcelona vibes” - are the words from my other close friend. And it’s true. I live in Barcelona for so long that this unique, rebel city is inside of me now. Beautiful and ugly, interesting and boring, old and new, good and bad. This city is full of amazing people, and my friends are among them.

I create a very small amount of unique pieces, because I want it to be worn only by people who are close to my philosophy. Brave and bright people, open to communication, with good sense of humor and positive vibes.

So that’s why I don’t create any massive lines of products - one design contains only 4-5 copies (sizes range), belts are all unique - each of them has it own unique serial number, no similarities.

My design is very unitary, it can be mixed with different styles in your wardrobe. Some of my pieces can look like base. I think all of them are easy to mix and it looks very harmoniously on everyone - teenagers or older people.


Drinks & Dreams

What’s next? We will see

I have a lot of ideas in my head, that I will bring to life so I can make you happy with new clothes and interesting accessories. But right now you can see the NEW COLLECTION 2.0 of T-shirts, crop tops, belts and bracelets.


Thank you for wearing my ideas!



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Creator or this amazing brand, you’re talented and exclusive. Keep going and never give up.


This is so inspiring! Your art is extraordinary, and I see a beautiful story behind it!


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