Why is it so...

To some of you my store may seem strange, but when you read this text, you will understand why it is what it is.


I'm with my friends

The peculiarity of the things represented in this store is that they are unique. These are not huge batches of the same T-shirts with the same prints. I do a very minimal amount of each design and still make some changes to them, because each item is done at a certain moment with a certain mood. Most likely you will never meet another person in the same T-shirt as yours! And if you do, it would rather be a pleasant surprise. Usually each design in each color is produced no more than 4 copies, one for each size.

I'm with my friends

If we talk about belts, they are completely handmade and I guarantee that each belt is unique and will not be repeated even once - in color or print design. By the way, this is why in my store in the belts section there can be only one rating and review - from the one who bought this belt!

I'm with my friends

Very soon the other original items and accessories will be added to T-shirts and belts. Stay tuned!

And also Thanks to all my friends who helped me! What would I do without them?!

Thank you so much for wearing my ideas!


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Creatività e qualità incredibile! Ho diversi pezzi della collezione ed anche alcuni prodotti personalizzati- mi fanno complimenti tutti! Non vedo l’ora di vedere la nuova collezione!


I bought a belt and two T-shirts. Everything is so perfect that I ordered two more T-shirts and two bag straps! highly recommend


I like the idea of unique products. My black belt makes me happy every day :) Thank youuuuuuu!


Love the colors!


Such a beautiful mix of creativity, bold statement, tasteful design and a sense of humor – affordable modern luxury – thank you for making it happen!


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